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New Website Release

Many players have been wondering why the developers have been keeping quiet this past week... the reason is we were working on our next website release!

Things Changed:
  • † Website Layout & Design
  • † Logo
  • † Graphics
  • † Login on Homepage
  • † Pages and Navigation
  • † Players Currently Online (Not including Hidden Players)
  • † And More!

  • Enjoy...
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    - Fate

    Player Stats Banner!

    That's right, with this release we have created a stat banner for you to use.
    What your stat banner will display:
  • † Your GamerScape Username
  • † Total Level
  • † Individual Skill Levels
  • † GamerScape Background
  • † GamerScape Logo
  • † Link to GamerScape

  • More features may be added to this in the future.
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    - Fate

    The Developers Are Back!

    Hello everyone,

    A good amount of you were wondering why the game has been lacking updates. The reason is that most of us in the Development Team became busy with school, work, and personal matters. Due to a recent spike in GamerScape members and more flexible schedules, we have returned to keep making this game amazing.

    Unfortunately, the amount of donations are minimal so we ask members to please consider Donating to help keep GamerScape online. We are non-profit and use the money to keep the server and website up, as well as to improve the game. The more donations we receive, the more updates and added content you can expect to see.

    In other news... we are happy to announce the release of the first update set in a while.
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    - Fate
    GamerScape Player of the Month

    Meet PlayerNameHere, the player of the month is a new feature in which a player is selected and featured on the homepage. In order to become the Player of the Month, one has to be very active both in-game and on the Forums. Once selected, he/she will be featured for one month with an option of adding a "speech" or "bibliography".